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The Death Wing

Where that motherboard gets shoved SO far up your ass...

West Wing Deathmatch Central! =P
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Welcome to The Death Wing, a Celebrity Death Match-type thing for The West Wing. It's silly, it's crazy, and it's written by janneys and gingasaur. Here you'll find your favorite West Wing characters duking it out with silly string, Goldfish crackers, and the occasional katana. Just add us to your friends list and get ready for a positively nutty ride. Spoilers will be rampant. They'll jump out at you and go "Boo!". In order to prevent much grief on your part, please be familiar with a great majority of West Wing's events before reading.

You can't tell us you haven't wondered these things: "Who would win in a fight? Would the winner be Josh or Mary Marsh? Sam or Ainsley? C.J. or Hoynes? Donna or the chicken?!" Well, we're going to try to answer those questions for you in the zaniest way possible. Hair will be pulled, bullets will fly, and laws of physics will be broken, all in the name of science. And good-old fashioned fistfights. Or... in some cases, sword fights.

Every two weeks (or so), a new poll will be created. Your hosts, Orange and Ginga, will have already picked the contestants for the next fight, but YOU will be picking where they fight, and most importantly, who wins the fight. The poll will close after two days, the winner will be declared (not to you, though, if you don't want to spoil the result of the match!), and sometime after that the fight will be posted for your reading pleasure. Then the next time, we'll pick another challenger to take on the previous champion, and you'll vote on the winner of that battle (know that a character can only win 3 times in a row before being switched out in favor of other challengers). As you can tell, your participation in the voting will be an integral part in the the workings of The Death Wing!

We do hope you enjoy your stay here. Make sure not to slip on that banana peel over there.

Banner and user info graphics by gingasaur, community icon by janneys. Don't be stealin' 'em, because we won't hesitate to sic the giant grasshopper from C.J. vs. Andy on you. And it. will. kill. you.